Preparing system information for Customer Support

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To assist BMC Customer Support, collect as much of the following applicable  information as possible. This information will help a customer support representative understand the system configuration you are working with, and can expedite a solution.

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System configuration       

To describe your configuration, answer the following questions:

System informationAnswers/Notes
What Oracle KM version are you installing? 
Are you trying to complete a new installation, or an upgrade of an existing installation? 
What Oracle version are you using? 
What is the type and version of the operating system of the Oracle host machine? 
What version of PATROL Agent is in use? 
What type of PATROL Console is in use (NT, UNIX)? 
Is the Oracle instance up and running? 
Are you configuring this from CMA, PATROL Console, or using a PCM rulesets and scripts? 

Product-specific information 

The following section is a sample of what you might provide in the product-specific information area:

Oracle permissions

Answer the following questions about the user permissions:

Permission informationAnswers/Notes
Does the PATROL user have read access to the Oracle Instance? 
IF monitoring an ASM Instance, is the Patrol OS User main group the same group as the Oracle user? 
Have you verified that the files in $PATROL_HOME/../oracle directory are recursively readable and writable? 

General information 

Before contacting Customer Support, gather the following general information .

Login to the host machine with the Patrol OS Account and execute the following commands to get the command output:

ps –ef | grep PatrolAgent

ps –ef | grep pmon

ps –ef |grep mrp



For any case related to a collector or parameter specific case:

  • Collect the debug information for the respective collector.
  • Save screenshots if the parameters or collectors are in an alarm state.
  • If there is no PATROL Console available in the environment:
    dump_hist –param_noreg <parameter name> -annotate >/tmp/dump_hist.txt

PCM Rule sets for instance configuration

For troubleshooting instance configuration issues via the PCM Rule Sets, collect the following information:

  1. Patrol Agent version
  2. Pconfig file output
  3. BatchConfig<port_no>.log file (located at ../ Patrol3/oracle/conf)
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