Configuring after installation

PATROL for Apache Kafka is a monitoring product that enables you to monitor the performance metrics of the configured Apache Kafka environment. The KM monitors the performance metrics of the Kafka Consumer, Producer, Broker, and Zookeeper. For a list of attributes, see Monitor types and attributes

After you have installed PATROL for Apache Kafka, configure the KM to perform monitoring of your Apache Kafka environment.

Configuring using the TrueSight or the Central Monitoring Administration console

This section provides information about the monitoring profiles and the associated monitor type available in PATROL for Apache Kafka. 

Configure PATROL for Apache KafkaConfiguring monitoring of Apache Kafka environment
Set up the Apache Kafka Kerberos environmentConfiguring the KM to work with Kerberos Kafka server environment

Configuring using PATROL Configuration Manager

This section provides information about configuring PATROL for Apache Kafka by using the PATROL Configuration Manager rulesets. 

Configure PATROL for Apache Kafka using PCM rulesetsConfiguring using PATROL Configuration Manager

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