This section provides information about troubleshooting problems that you could encounter in this release and how to contact BMC Customer Support.

Identifying potential setup problems

If your JBoss environment is not fully discovered or performance parameters are missing or incorrect, it might indicate one of the following configuration problems:

  • Communication with the JBoss Application Server fails: If communication with the JBoss server fails, check to see whether you entered the correct setup parameters while setting up the JBoss environment. See Editing a JBoss environment.
  • Monitoring for the JBoss Application Server fails to start: If monitoring fails to start for the JBoss Application Server, ensure that you entered a valid OS user name and OS password while setting up the JBoss environment.

Monitoring JBOSS Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) in remote mode

If you do not succeed to monitor JBoss EAP you must perform the following action:

 Copy the jmx-remoting.sar from JBOSS_HOME\docs\examples\jmx into the desire profile. 

Collection Data is missing 

Problem: Data is not visible for few parameters of PATROL for JBoss Application Server.

Workaround: Run the Diagnostic Report under the KM Administrator Commands. This will create data at $PATROL_HOME/../pjb/diag text file for the JBoss server running. This might take some time to complete the process.

Instance 2 Device issue

Problem: When you use the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Manager to monitor a remote JBoss Server, the remote JBoss Server device will be created in the BMC ProactiveNet Operations console by default and not under the Patrol Agent Device. As a result, the tree view from the BMC ProactiveNet Operations console and PATROL Console will be different. 

WorkaroundSet the BPPMI2D configuration variable value to false: BPPMI2D=false. The discovery tree and the java collector will be destroy and restarted.
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