JBoss data collection

A Java client collects performance data from the application server through an RMI connection. PATROL obtains the performance data from the JBoss administration server or the application server through API calls. The PATROL Agent periodically collects these metrics by using a Java client, and then passes information to the PATROL Console or PATROL Console Server. This interaction of the PATROL Console with the PATROL Agent on a JBoss Application Server is illustrated in the following figure:

 Architecture of PATROL for JBoss Application Server
PATROL Consoles and PATROL Console ServersPATROL Consoles and PATROL Consoles Servers enable you to interact with one or more PATROL Agents to set up and configure PATROL for JBoss Application Server, and to manage JBoss. You must install PATROL for JBoss Application Server on at least one PATROL Console for Windows or UNIX, or on a PATROL Console Server that provides PATROL common services. Installing on a console server enables you to use PATROL Central for Windows or PATROL Central for Web as your console.

PATROL AgentYou can use a PATROL Agent to monitor multiple JBoss servers or multiple base application servers throughout your network.

JBoss ServersThese are the application servers that are monitored.

Java clientsBMC provides clients that interact with various JBoss components and external components to gather information such as performance statistics, process status, and resource availability. These clients are designed to be launched once and reused through PSL global channels for maximum efficiency.

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