JBoss Application Server monitoring profile

This monitoring profile helps you monitor the following resources related to the JBoss. Each of the resources in the following list is a monitor type that contains attributes. These attributes in turn monitor the performance of the various resources. You can directly apply this monitoring profile so that the following monitor types are automatically configured.

  • JBoss Global Request Processor Types
  • JBoss Transaction
  • JBoss JMS Topic
  • JBoss Threads
  • JBoss JMS Queue
  • JBoss Datasource
  • JBoss EJB v2
  • JBoss Memory
  • JBoss Class Loader Domain
  • JBoss Environment
  • JBoss Class Loader
  • JBoss Servlet
  • JBoss Server
  • JBoss Thread Pool
  • JBoss JSP
  • JBoss Class Loader ID
  • JBoss Manager Path
  • JBoss JCA
  • JBoss Queued Thread Pool
  • JBoss JVM Compilation Type
  • JBoss Memory Pool
  • JBoss Setup
  • JBoss Web Application
  • Custom MBean Condition
  • JBoss EJB3 Application
  • JBoss Operating System
  • JBoss Garbage Collection
  • JBoss JVM Resources
  • JBoss Cache Path
  • JBoss Queueless Thread Pool
  • JBoss WAR EAR
  • JBoss Cluster
  • JBoss Transaction Object
  • JBoss Web Application JPA
  • JBoss JCA Short Running Threads
  • JBoss JCA Long Running Threads
  • JBoss JVM Transaction
  • Jboss 7 EJB3 Application
  • JBoss Main

You can manually configure the following monitor type:

JBoss Setup

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