Troubleshooting BIND DNS configuration

If you configure the advanced monitoring of Bind servers and do not get data into the various statistical parameters, take the following actions:

  • Verify that you have chosen the proper version of BIND for your system. Type named -v or in.named -v to check version information. You can also consult your named man page.
  • Check the dnsStatsMonitor collector parameter for detailed error messages that are annotated when the parameter is in alarm.

Troubleshooting Sendmail configuration

BMC PATROL for Internet Servers attempts to verify the information entered in the above dialog and will warn you if there are problems with the configuration you provide. Some common issues include:

  • Missing Sendmail status file. The Mail Stats operation requires a Sendmail status file (also known as a scoreboard file) that is used to report Sendmail status in a format BMC PATROL for Internet Servers can examine. In many cases this file is not provided in a base system install. If the Sendmail status file is not present, BMC PATROL for Internet Servers determines the proper location of the status file and asks you to issue a command as root on the system. Issuing this command will create the file and allow complete monitoring to continue.
  • Insufficient permissions to perform commands. If BMC PATROL for Internet Servers warns you that it cannot issue needed commands for monitoring, verify that you have entered a username and password with appropriate system privileges to issue these Sendmail administrative commands.
  • Runtime problems. BMC PATROL for Internet Servers might encounter difficulties extracting the relevant data from the Sendmail administrative commands if your Sendmail installation presents the results in a format BMC PATROL for Internet Servers does not recognize. If you receive no errors or warnings after you complete the Configure > Local menu command and still have problems, examine the annotated data for the mailQueueMonitor and mailStatsMonitor parameters.
  • Problems with remote mail hub monitoring. If BMC PATROL for Internet Servers is not tabulating the number of messages destined to a remote mail hub properly, make sure you have properly defined the value of the Mail Queue command using the Configure > Local menu command.
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