Troubleshooting Collection Agent configuration issues

This section provides information about troubleshooting problems that you could encounter when you configure a Collection Agent.

After configuring Collection Agents by using PATROL for IT Data Analytics, the host details are not displayed on IT Data Analytics, under the Administration > Host page.

This issue can occur if the Collection Agent configured is not connected with the Collection Station.This can happen in one of the following scenarios:

    • If the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on the PATROL Agent computer is not supported.
    • if no JRE is installed on the PATROL Agent computer.

Ensure that a supported JRE version is installed on the PATROL Agent computer and the correct JAVA path is updated in the monitoring policy created on TrueSight Presentation Server.

To verify if a supported JRE is installed, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the %PATROL_HOME%\bww\udc\ path and verify if the logs folder is created.
    • If the logs folder does not exist, it means that no JRE is present on the PATROL Agent computer.  
    • If the logs folder exists, it is possible that the JRE version installed on the PATROL Agent computer is not supported.

2 Check the annotation message of the Application Collection Status attribute in the TrueSight Infrastructure Management console. Verify the message related to JRE. An annotation message as given below indicates that JAVA is either not installed or the JAVA path is incorrect or the installed JAVA version is incorrect.

    APPLICATION ERROR  : PATROL Agent default Java directory () not available.

 For more information on the correct JAVA version, see System requirements.

If you are changing the configured station host with a new Station Configuration Host, the KM gets connected to the old station host instead of connecting with the newly configured station host.

This issue occurs because the KM fails to update the new station in the configured policy.

It is required to update the Agent Name whenever you update the policy with the new Station Configuration Host.

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