Configuration prerequisites

This section contains information about requirements that must be in place before beginning the configuration. 

  • The service account key file must be present in the <PATROL_HOME>/gcp/key directory on the PATROL Agent server. For information about how to create a service account key, see Creating a Service Account Key in the Google Cloud Platform project.
  • The service account must have access to the Project > Viewer role OR to the individual service viewer role, that is,
    • App Engine > App Engine Viewer
    • Compute Engine > Compute Viewer
    • Cloud Functions > Cloud Functions Viewer
    • Monitoring > Monitoring Viewer

  • The following APIs must be enabled on the Google Cloud Platform.

    APIRequired for
    Stackdriver monitoring APIPerformance metrics collection
    Google Compute Engine APICompute engine instances discovery
    Google Cloud Functions APICloud functions discovery
    Google App Engine Admin APIApp engine discovery
    Cloud Resource Manager APIDisplaying project name along with project ID

  • Ensure that there are no clock (date and time) differences on the PATROL Agent system. The clock (date and time) must match exactly with the timezone to which the system is configured.

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