What is Google Cloud Compute monitor profile?

In TrueSight, monitoring profiles are profiles to which the monitor types (application classes) you want to enable are associated. Each KM contains multiple monitoring profiles and help to reduce unnecessary monitoring. Each monitoring profile is associated with a group of monitor types. The monitor types that belong to a profile are pre-determined. You cannot add or remove monitor types from a profile.

The Google Cloud Compute monitor profile contains the following monitor types. By default, these monitor types are also included for monitoring when you configure the Google Cloud Compute for monitoring. 

Monitor typeConfiguration required?
Google Cloud ComputeYes. To configure Google Cloud Compute, see Configuring Google Cloud Compute in TrueSight.
  • Google Cloud Platform Project
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Compute Engine CPU Container
  • Compute Engine Disk
  • Compute Engine Instance
  • Compute Engine Network Container
No. You can directly start monitoring of the services when you configure the Google Cloud Compute monitor type.

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