Performance Scalability and best practices

This topic provides information about performance, scalability and reliability test results for PATROL for Entuity Server. As per user requirements there might be a need to monitor large number of systems, each with large number of metrics. In order to achieve this you need to run large number of scripts across the network.

The KM provides the ability to stage the scripts on a dedicated system(s) having PATROL Agent(s) installed. The KM will monitors systems from remote, that is, from each PATROL Agent and manages execution of multiple scripts across multiple systems.

Consider the following to plan about how to distribute the KM’s work and load across multiple PATROL Agents:

  • How many systems will be remotely monitored by each PATROL Agent ?
  • How many scripts should be scheduled by each PATROL Agent ?
  • How many instances and parameters each PATROL Agent introduces?

The tables below provide information about the tested configuration scenarios. It also provides the information on the PATROL Agent performance and the application performance with respect to CPU utilization, memory and threads in 64-bit Microsoft Windows and Linux environments. The following setups were tested and reviewed as useful baseline for common use cases.

LoadNumber of Entuity
servers views
Number of devicesExecution interval (seconds)Total instances createdTotal parameters
CPU load (%)Memory load (MB)
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