Configuring using the TrueSight console

This topic provides information about configuring PATROL for Entuity on the TrueSight console. To configure the KM, set the following preferences on the Add Monitoring Configuration dialog.

Monitoring SolutionVersionMonitoring ProfileMonitor Type
Entuity Server2.0.00EntuityEntuity

Click to view a short video on how to configure an Entuity Server using TrueSight console.

With Entuity as the selected monitor type, the Add Monitor Types dialog box enables you to configure details for connecting to the accounts and web services provided by Entuity.

Click  to add the Entuity server configuration details.



Entuity server details
Host Name/IPEnter the host name or the IP address of the Entuity server.

Enter the port number of the Entuity server.

Default: 443


Select this option to enable the data collection from a secured HTTPS connection. If unselected, the data collection happens using an open unsecured HTTP connection.

Entuity server account for monitoring

Click  to add the Entuity server account for monitoring

User NameEnter the username of the Entuity server.
PasswordEnter the password of the user mentioned in the above field.

Specify the user view. Default views should be added in the following format: username::My Network.

Example: To configure My Network(admin), the view should be admin::My Network.


Specify the data access template name if and only if you are using Entuity version 16.5 SP4 or later. If the field is left blank, the TSOM template will be used for all the configured Entuity version 16.5 SP4 or later.

Select device types for monitoring

Select the device types for monitoring:

  • Only Network Devices
  • All
  • None
  • Aruba Wireless Controller
  • ATM Switch
  • Autonomous WAP
  • Blade Center
  • Ethernet Switch
  • Firewall
  • Hub
  • Load Balancer
  • Managed Host
  • Matrix Switch
  • Multiplexer
  • Non-SNMP Device
  • PoE Midspan Injector
  • Router
  • SSL Proxy
  • Token Ring Switch
  • Unclassified
  • Unclassified (full)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • VM Platform
  • VPN
  • Wide Area Application Service
  • Wireless Controller
  • Unknown
Device name matching regex

Specify the device name matching regex that you want to include in monitoring. Regex can be used to specify the device name.

For example: *, ^, my servers[0-9][0-9].org

Device mapping

Select the monitoring mode:

  • Devices - Monitored instances are created and mapped according to their device related details as they are read from the Entuity server.
  • Entuity server - Monitored instances are created and mapped on the device of the configured Entuity server.
  • Disabled - Monitored instances are not mapped. Instances are created within the device of the PATROL Agent configured for monitoring.

Enter the full path of JRE directory. If the field is left blank, by default environment variable Java home or PATROL Agent JRE will be used.

For example:

(Windows) c:\java\jre8

(UNIX) /usr/local/java8

Enable loggingSelect this option to enable debug.
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