Configuring Docker monitor type

This topic provides information about configuring Docker host by using Central Monitoring Administration.

On the Add Monitor Types dialog, with the Monitoring Profile set to Docker, and the Monitor Type set to Docker, provide the following details:

Docker Host Monitoring Configuration
Docker Host Details
Host NameEnter the name of the Docker host that you want to monitor.
Port NumberEnter the port number for connecting to the Docker host.
Connection Protocol

Select one of the following protocols for connection:

  • HTTP
Container Name Filter

Enter a container name or a regular expression to Include or Exclude the containers from monitoring.

Container Name Filter Type

Select whether to Include or Exclude the containers mentioned in Container Name Filter from monitoring.

Certificate Based Authentication
Client Certificate File Path (.pfx)

Enter the path (along with the file name and .pfx extension) where the certificate file is located.

The client certificate file must reside on the host where the PATROL agent is running.

BMC PATROL default account must have read permission on the directory where the client certificate file is located.

Client Certificate PasswordEnter a password for the certificate file.
Add to ListClick this option for confirming the configuration information that you provided for the Docker host and adding the host to the list of host configurations.
Modify SelectionSelect one of the items that you added to the list in the preceding step, and click this button to modify details.
Remove from ListClick to remove the configured Docker host from the list of hosts.
List - Docker Host DetailsA list of all configured Docker hosts will be displayed here.

By default, BMC PATROL for Docker uses JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) that is installed with the PATROL Agent. To use your own JRE that is installed in a different location, specify the path for the JAVA home directory.

For example, if your JAVA executable exists in the /usr/java/jdk1.7.0_71/jre/bin/java path, specify /usr/java/jdk1.7.0_71/jre as the value of this field.

Enable DebugSelect this check box to enable the debug.
ResetClick this option to clear off your configuration details and revert to default settings.

Click this option to add this monitoring configuration. This information is displayed on the Monitor Configuration page.

After you click this option, you can continue to add more objects for monitoring.

CloseClick this option to exit without saving any changes.
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