1.1.00 enhancements

This topic describes the key enhancements in PATROL for Docker version 1.1.00. The KM enables you to monitor the Docker hosts, Docker containers, and Docker Swarm. PATROL for Docker monitors Docker version 1.10.x and later.

Docker Swarm monitoring support

PATROL for Docker now supports Docker running in swarm mode. You can configure the KM to monitor a swarm environment and the KM monitors all nodes, services and containers in the swarm. For more information, see Docker Swarm. For information about how to configure a Swarm, see Configuring Docker using the TrueSight or Central Monitoring Administration console.

After you configure the Docker Swarm for monitoring, PATROL for Docker automatically discovers the nodes and services of the swarm and their respective containers. The KM monitors the discovered nodes and reports information about the status and availability of the Docker nodes. It also provides a count of the running, stopped, and total containers on a Docker node.

For Docker Services, the KM monitors overall memory usage and network activity of the service. For more information, see Docker Node and Docker Service monitor type.

Microsoft Windows Docker Engine support

PATROL for Docker KM version 1.1.00 includes support for Microsoft Windows Docker Engine. A new monitor type, Docker Windows Container Memory monitors the memory consumption of the containers that are running on the Windows Docker Engine.

Docker Container monitoring enhancement

PATROL for Docker KM version 1.1.00 includes a new monitor type Docker Container Block I/O that monitors the block I/O operations of the Docker container.

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