Using HADR configuration

You do not have to configure anything explicitly for HADR from the TrueSight console. 

You can monitor the HADR primary and standby components in two ways:

  • Remote monitoring - configure two separate environments for primary and standby from remote PATROL Agent machine.

  • Local monitoring - configure one local environment for primary from the PATROL Agent that exists on the primary machine and similarly create one more local environment for standby from the PATROL Agent that exists on the standby machine. 

The Role attribute will collect the data only if the discover database is HADR. If the database is standby, only the Role attribute will be displayed under it and nothing else will be discovered/collected for it. If the database is primary, all the attributes and the data will be collected. The Role attribute will display the primary value.

If there is a switch between primary and standby, the Role attribute of the standby will be primary (standby changed to primary) and the data will be displayed within 10 minutes (data collection cycle) from the switch.

The Role attribute of the primary will be standby (primary changed to standby) and all the data of this database will be deleted except the Role attribute.

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