Technical bulletins

This section contains information about updates for PATROL for IBM DB2 that are not related to flashes, service packs, or patches.

Announcing support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 operating system

December 17, 2018

PATROL for IBM DB2 9.6.10 now supports the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6, x86_64 operating system.

For a list of supported operating systems, see System requirements.

Tolerance support for IBM DB2 UDB 11.1

PATROL for IBM DB2 9.6.10 supports only those features of DB2 UDB 11.1 that existed in DB2 UDB 10.5. Such database systems are monitored using the existing parameter set only. Any new set of statistics from IBM are not covered in this support.

For a list of supported resources and operating systems, see System requirements.

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