Configuring custom SQL queries


This feature is no longer supported by the KM version 9.6.20 and later. For more information see, Release notes and notices.

You should configure sql queries to get a specific information about the query, like ResponseTime and other parameters.

To configure custom SQL queries

  1. From the PATROL Console work area, right-click an existing DB2 environment (DB2_ENVIRONMENT).
  2. Select KM Commands > KM Administration > Custom SQL query configuration.
  3. In the Custom SQL query configuration dialog box, perform the following actions if defining or editing the information:
    1. To add a new SQL query, enter the name of the SQL query. This name will appear in the console.
    2. To add a new instance, enter the name of the database instance. For example: DB2
    3. To add the database name, enter the name of the database. For example: SAMPLE
    4. SQL query - Enter the SQL query. For example: select TOTAL_LOG_USED from SYSIBMADM.SNAPDB
    5. Collection time (in min) - Select the time in minutes.
    6. Click OK to apply the SQL query on the specified databases.
    7. Click Cancel to close the dialog box.
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