Configuring the Composite Agent Level monitor in TrueSight

PATROL for Composite Attributes enables you to create and monitor custom attribute using one or more existing monitor attributes running on a PATROL Agent. The KM constructs a composite monitor using a logical or arithmetic expression on existing monitor attributes. This topic provides information about how to configure agent-level monitoring in the Composite Attributes KM by using the TrueSight console.

To configure agent-level monitoring in the KM, set the following preferences on the Add Monitoring Configuration dialog.

Monitoring SolutionVersionMonitor ProfileMonitor Type
Composite Attributes1.0.00Composite AttributesComposite Agent Level

Configuration details

Configure Composite Monitor
Composite Instance List

Click  to add the Composite instance list for monitoring.

Composite Monitor Attribute Configuration
Instance Label

Specify a unique label to identify the composite instance. An instance gets created with this label.

For example: CPUHealth

Composite Attribute Name

Specify an attribute title to represent the composite attribute in the TrueSight console.

For example: Processor Load

Expression Type

Select the type of expression:

  • Logical
  • Arithmetic

Click here to view a short video on how to create a logical expression by using composite attributes.

Click here to view a short video on how to create an arithmetic expression by using composite attributes.

Click  to add the source attribute list for monitoring.

Source Attribute List
Attribute Path Variable

Specify a variable name for an existing attribute that is used for creating an expression.

For example: Attribute CPUprcrLdleTimePercent of Processor monitor can be specified as CPU_IDLE_TIME.

Attribute Path

Specify the path of the monitor attribute that is used for creating the expression. Use this format: /Application class/Application Instance Sid/Parameter. For more information on how to find the path of the attributes, see Agent actions.

For example: /NT_CPU/CPU_0/CPUprcrIdleTimePercent

Create expression using Attribute Path Variables list

Enter a logical/arithmetic expression using variables specified in the attribute list.

For example: CPU_IDLE_TIME > 70

Polling Interval (in minutes)

Specify the interval between two consecutive statistical data polls.

Default: 5 minutes

Logical Expression Alert Options
When Expression evaluates to

Select the evaluation type:

  • True
  • False
Alert Type

Select the alert type:

  • Critical
  • Warning
Parent Configuration
Parent Instance Name
(Application Class/Application Instance Sid)

Specify the instance name that is used as a parent for the created instances. Use this format: Application Class/Application Instance Sid. By default, all the instances are created under /COMPOSITE_CNTR/COMPOSITE_CNTR.



If the path is left blank or invalid, instances are not created.


Specify the full path of the JRE directory on the PATROL Agent server. By default, PATROL for Composite Attributes uses JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) that is installed in the PATROL Agent.

Optional JVM ArgumentsSpecify additional Java process arguments.
Enable LoggingSelect this option to enable debug.
Add to ListSelect this option to confirm the configuration information that you provided and add it to the list.

Modify Selection

Select one of the items that you added to the list in the preceding step, and click this option to modify details.
Remove from ListSelect the items added earlier and click this option to delete that item from the list of configured objects and the clear the details provided in the earlier fields.

Click this option to add this monitoring configuration. This information is displayed on the Monitor Configuration page.

After you click this option, you can continue to add more objects for monitoring.

CloseClick this option to exit without saving any changes.
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