Monitor types and attributes

The PATROL for Amazon Web Services contains the following monitor types that are segregated based on the components:

Terminology note

Monitor types in the TrueSight console, BMC Helix Operations Management, and Central Monitoring Administration are known as application classes in the PATROL console.

Attributes in Central Monitoring Administration are known as parameters in the PATROL console.

You can access Central Monitoring Administration from the TrueSight console, BMC Helix Operations Management, or ProactiveNet.

Service NameMonitor TypesDescription

Top-level containers and configuration

Used to set up and configure the PATROL for AWS product.

Apache Kafka

Provides data about performance and availability of Apace Kafka including brokers, clusters, and topics.

API Gateway

  • Provides data for API Gateway metrics.
  • API Gateway is a service for publishing, maintaining and securing APIs.

Auto Scaling

  • Provides data for Auto Scaling metrics.
  • Auto Scaling is a cloud computing service feature that automatically adds or removes compute resources depending upon actual usage.


  • Provides data for CloudFront distribution instances.
  • CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) for distributing objects.

Cloud HSM

  • Provides data for all cloud hardware security modules.
  • Cloud HSM enables you to protect data with strict corporate, contractual, and regulatory compliance requirements.

Custom Metric

  • Provides data for metrics in specified namespace.
  • Custom metrics may include any data whether memory, invalid logins, number of processes, CPUUtilization, and so on.

Document DB

  • Provides data for all document databases and its instances.
  • Document DB enables you to store and query data as JSON-like documents.


  • Provides data for DynamDB metrics.
  • DynamoDB allows you to run code without provisioning or managing servers.

Elastic Block Storage

Provides data for the elastic block storage (EBS) used by the instance. 


Provides cache level metrics which are measured and published for each Cache node.

Elastic Compute Cloud

Provides data about CPU, Network traffic, and Disk space used by the EC2 instance.

Elastic Container Service

  • Provides data for all elastic container services.
  • Elastic Container Service enables you to run and scale containerized applications on AWS.

Elastic File System

  • Provides data for all elastic file systems.
  • Elastic File System provides scalable, elastic, concurrent with some restrictions, and encrypted file storage for use with both AWS cloud services and on-premises resources.

Elastic Kubernetes Service

Provides data for the Elastic Kubernetes Service including cluster, namespace, pods, services, and nodegroups.

Elastic Load Balancer

Provides data for the elastic load balancer (ELB) used by the EC2 instance. 


Provides data about Elasticsearch clusters, Kibana, data nodes, JVM GC, master node, and threadpools.


  • Provides data for all EMR cluster metrics.
  • EMR allows you to process large amounts of data efficiently.


  • Provides data for IoT rules and protocols.
  • IoT provides secure, bi-directional communication.

Lambda Function

Provides data for the lambda functions and it's custom metrics.


  • Provides data for all OpsWorks stacks, layers, and instances metrics.
  • OpsWorks is a configuration management service.


  • Provides data for Redshift metrics.
  • Redshift is an Internet hosting service and data warehouse product which forms part of the larger cloud-computing platform Amazon Web Services.

Relational Database Service

  • Provides data for Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • RDS allows you to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud.

Route 53

  • Provides data for all Route 53 healthcheck instances.
  • Route 53 is a highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System (DNS).

Simple Notification Service

Provides data for notification services.

Simple Queue Service

Provides data for queue services.

Simple Storage Service (S3)

  • Provides data for Simple Storage Service (S3) instances.
  • S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web.

Storage Gateway

  • Provides data for all storage gateway instances.
  • Storage Gateway is a hybrid storage service that enables your on-premises applications to seamlessly use cloud storage.

Trusted accounts

Provides data for the master AWS account that has linked AWS accounts.

Virtual Private Cloud

Provides data for the Virtual Private Cloud including VPC transit, NAT, and VPN gateways.

Web Application Firewall

  • Provides data for all web application firewalls.
  • Web application firewalls enable you to filter, monitor, and block HTTP traffic to and from a web application.

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