Changing parameter poll times from the PATROL Console

Collector and Standard parameters use data collection commands or queries to obtain data from a monitored server or database. The poll time assigned to a Collector or Standard parameter sets the interval between executions of the query used by that parameter. Those intervals or poll times must exceed the execution time and give the system some time between queries to parse and distribute the data before sending out a new query.


  • Changing a poll time for a Collector or Standard parameter to an interval that is shorter than the time required to complete the execution of the query used by that parameter causes serious problems.
    Also, decreasing poll times increases the resources used by the PATROL KM, which could lead to performance issues.
  • You cannot change the poll times for the following Consumer parameters: _ConnectionStatus, _DBInstanceStatus, _InstanceStatus.

The default poll times set for Collectors and Standard parameters in the PATROL KM are calculated to collect sufficient data to appropriately monitor most systems. If your system requires longer or shorter poll times, you can change the poll times, but do so with caution. Find out how long a query takes before lowering any poll times.
To find out how long a Collector or Standard parameter takes to execute a query, turn Debug on for that parameter and, when the parameter poll time completes a cycle, look at the Debug output for the Total Execution Time. Query execution times can vary, so make sure that you find the longest possible execution time by running Debug on your busiest system during your busiest time.

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