This topic presents troubleshooting information about PATROL for Amazon Web Services.

 Turning on debugging for the KM

Use these steps when you want to set the debug mode for troubleshooting problems in the KM, usually upon request from BMC Support. This information can be useful for troubleshooting problems with your installation or configuration.

  1. From the PATROL Console work area, right-click the Amazon Web Services icon.
  2. Choose KM Commands > Debug.
  3. In the Debug dialog box, select the areas that you want to debug. You can select from the following options:
    • KM Debug: Select one or more of the following options, if you want to debug information for the Knowledge Module (KM).
      • Request Debug: Activates or deactivates debugging for all the requests sent from PATROL for Amazon Web Services (PATROL for AWS) to the collectors.
      • Response Debug: Activates debugging for all responses sent from the collectors to PATROL for AWS.
    • Collector Debug: If you want debugging information for the collector parameters, select one of the following options:
      • OFF: Deactivates debugging for all the parameters.
      • ALL: Activates debugging for all the parameters.
      • FINE: Activates debugging and provides some information about the parameters.
      • FINER: Activates debugging and provides more information about the parameters.
      • FINEST: Activates debugging and provides the most detailed information about the parameters.
      • INFO: Activates debugging and provides information only about information messages generated for the parameters.
      • SEVERE: Activates debugging and provides information only about the critical error events for the parameters.
      • WARNING: Activates debugging and provides information only about potentially harmful events for the parameters.
  4. Click Accept.
    The settings are applied. When the account is discovered or configured, debugging messages appear in a task output window.
  5. Click Exit.

The KM debugging output is redirected to the System Output Window. Collector debugging generates a log file in the <PATROL_HOME>/aws directory. The log file is named as RemoteCollector-<PATROL_AGENT_PORT>-aws.log. To save the debug output appearing in the System Output Window to a location on your computer, you must manually add the /AWS/dir_location pconfig variable and define the directory path where you want to store the debug information. For more information, see PATROL Agent configuration variables.


The more information you gather, the higher the load on your system. When you are finished debugging the problem that you were experiencing, remember to turn off the debug mode by clearing all logging options in the Debug dialog box.

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