The collector that is used to gather the cloud data from Amazon Web Services is a Java process. The PATROL Agent launches the external process and continues to communicate with this process through a PATROL Scripting Language (PSL) channel.

Amazon Web Services supports monitoring of the cloud environment by using Amazon CloudWatch APIs. The handler provided by PATROL for Amazon Web Services (PATROL for AWS) uses Amazon CloudWatch APIs to gather data for the Knowledge Module (KM).

The following major steps are involved:

  1. The PATROL Agent initiates the request to collect the data.
    The collection request initiated by the PATROL Agent is in a pre-defined format. The KM starts one or multiple external processes for data collection.
  2. The external process collects the necessary cloud data.
    The handler provided by Amazon Web Services collects the cloud data.
  3. The external process sends the data back to the PATROL Agent in an appropriate format.
  4. The PATROL Agent reads the data and takes the necessary action on the data.
    The necessary action taken by the KM and the PATROL Agent can involve creating a required instance or setting the appropriate parameters.

The following figure shows how PATROL for AWS interacts with Amazon Web Services through the Amazon CloudWatch APIs.

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