System requirements

Support for third-party products

To receive full support for a BMC product, you must have that product installed in a supported environment, as specified in the BMC product documentation. If a third-party vendor cancels support for one of its products (such as an operating system or subsystem), and that third-party product integrates or interacts with the BMC product you have licensed, you must upgrade to a supported version of that third-party product before BMC Customer Support can provide you with support for the affected BMC product. For further information, see BMC's product support policy.

Before installing the product, verify that the target computers meet the requirements listed in the following table. This section provides release-specific information about requirements and supported resources for PATROL for AIX. 

To get complete compatibility information for PATROL for AIX, use the BMC Solution and Product Availability and Compatibility Utility on the Product Availability and Compatibility page.

Supported operating systems

Following table lists the operating systems that are supported by PATROL for AIX. 

Supported operating system


IBM® AIX® 7.1, 64-bit hardware, 64-bit kernel, 64-bit ABI

POWER6®, POWER7®, POWER8®, and POWER9®are supported systems.

Note: Hardware Management Console (HMC) monitoring is not supported on Power9.

IBM® AIX® 7.2, 64-bit hardware, 64-bit kernel, 64-bit ABI

Supported Linux operating systems for AIX remote monitoring

Cross platform monitoring is supported from Linux based PATROL Agent. Following table lists the operating systems that are supported by PATROL for AIX.

Supported operating system


Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions

  • 8.x (64-bit versions), x86-64
  • 7.x (64-bit versions), x86-64, PPC64LE
  • 6.x (64-bit versions), x86-64
  • 8.x version is supported up to 8.0
  • 7.x version is supported up to 7.7
  • 6.x version is supported up to 6.7

Red Hat subscription 

The product requires some additional libraries to be present on the system (see list below).

The preferred method to add any missing libraries is to use the yum command to fetch the necessary library packages from the RHN (Red Hat Network) repository via the Internet. To use this method, a Red Hat subscription is needed. Register the system by clicking System > Administration > Red Hat Subscription Manager in the menu on the server itself.  After registering the system, you can use yum install to download and install the required libraries from the RHN.

Required libraries

Ensure that the following libraries are present to install the PATROL Agent.  To install the libraries, use the following commands.


Command to install the library on RHEL

libstdc++ (64-bit)

yum install libstdc++.x86_64

compat-libstdc++-33 (32-bit)

compat-libstdc++-33 (64-bit)

yum install compat-libstdc++-33.i686 



Supported Windows operating system for AIX remote monitoring

Cross platform monitoring is supported from Windows based PATROL Agent. Following operating systems are supported by PATROL for AIX:

  • Microsoft Windows 2012 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 2016 64-bit

Supported BMC products




TrueSight Operations Management



PATROL products

  • PATROL Agent version 9.6 or later
  • PATROL Installation Utility version 10.7.00 or later

Installing into a UNIX environment without a browser

You must launch the installation utility from the command line and use the -serveronly command line option.


TCP/IP network communications must be available



If you are installing an agent or console with PATROL for Linux, you must specify the port number to connect to all the agent computers.

The default port number for the PATROL Agent is 3181.

Security levels

See PATROL Security Levels

  • The PATROL Security Level is set during the installation of the PATROL infrastructure components. If your product contains the PATROL Agent, you have an opportunity to select the security level. 
  • Make sure that the level that you select/accept is compatible with the rest of your enterprise's PATROL installation. Knowledge Modules (KM) inherit the security level.
  • Products that consist of only KMs do not provide an opportunity to change the security level during installation. 
  • Do not use Security level 3 or higher if you are be using Enterprise Configuration or the PATROL Advisor. These security levels require passwords to be entered every time the host is accessed.


Dedicated PATROL account

See Accounts for information about user account requirements.


You must create a dedicated user account before PATROL is installed. Use this account as your PATROL default account. The PATROL account must conform to the following guidelines:

PATROL for AIX User Account Requirements



Directory permissions

The user account must have permission to create directories and write the installation logs to the $HOME and /tmp directories on the computer where you are installing products.


(recommended) Install PATROL on local partitions. If PATROL is installed on NFS-mounted partitions, the root account must have root access permissions on the NFS server.

Root account

Do not use the root account to install PATROL for AIX; this could create security risks. Root account permissions are required to set the setuid bit for specific binaries.

Setuid root permissions

See Components that Require setuid Permissions and supported BMC PATROL products for information about PATROL for AIX components.

Umask setting

Ensure that the umask setting for the installation account is set to 022.


BMC products are certified for use on supported operating system versions. BMC does not explicitly test for OS patches/updates that are released after a BMC product is released.

BMC products should work fine with minor updates to these supported operating systems. For assistance, please contact BMC Customer Support.

System requirements for PATROL for AIX

PATROL productsAny supported BMC PATROL Agent

Use PATROL Agent 10.0 or later for AES encryption.

BMC recommends to use the latest version of PATROL Agent.

Disk space450 MB for PATROL Agent for UNIXWithout components and KMs
100 MB for PATROL for AIX KMNA
10 MB space in the /tmp folder
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