This section contains information about requirements that must be in place before beginning the installation.

Following commands must be available for monitoring the KM.

  • prtconf
  • sar (user must be part of adm group)
  • uptime
  • lparstat
  • vmstat
  • mpstat
  • iostat
  • mpstat
  • df
  • mount
  • ipcs
  • getconf PAGE_SIZE
  • netstat
  • entstat
  • who
  • lsps 

Shared Ethernet Adapter and N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)

  • The user that is configured to monitor Hardware Management Console must have privileges to run the viosvrcmd command on the Hardware Management Console.

Automatic Discovery and Remote Monitoring of LPAR from HMC

  • All the Logical Partitions to be monitored must have common credentials.
  • All the Logical Partitions to be monitored should be reachable from the PATROL Agent.
  • If this feature is turned ON, no other policies or KM monitoring should be configured on this PATROL Agent.
  • If the SSH port for a configured host is changed, BMC recommends to restart the PATROL Agent after the port configuration.
  • If multiple hosts are either down or failing for authentication, BMC recommends to filter them from monitoring.
  • If Workload Partition monitoring is required, PATROL for AIX KM must be installed on individual Logical Partition.
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