1.1.20 Feature Pack 2

This topic contains information about the feature pack and provides instructions for downloading it. For information about issues corrected in this feature pack, see Known and corrected issues.


Improvement in Hardware Management Console (HMC) data collection

PATROL for AIX 1.1.20 provides performance improvements in the HMC data collection. 

Earlier, the KM scaled up to ten managed systems and used six collectors for each managed system. This was due to the 60 channel limitation with SSHD (controlled by MaxSessions) on the HMC. 

The KM collector design has now been enhanced to reduce the number of parallel collectors. The following collectors are now available for each managed system:

  • LParCollector
  • PoolCollector
  • SEACollector
  • hbacollector

The KM can now scale up to thirteen managed systems.

The KM also supports session pooling that allows multiple SSH sessions to expand beyond the 60 channel limitation. Depending on the number of managed systems on your HMC, you can increase the number of SSH sessions using the ConnectionCount pconfig variable. For a complete list of agent configuration variables, see PATROL Agent configuration variables.

Monitoring Host Bus Adapter (HBA) and Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) from VIOS

The KM now enables you to monitor Host Bus Adapter and Shared Ethernet Adapter directly from the VIOS. Earlier, monitoring of HBA and SEA was possible only from the HMC.

You can now perform this monitoring in these two additional ways:

  • Install the PATROL Agent and the KM on the VIOS and monitor the HBA and SEA
  • Add VIOS in remote monitoring and monitor HBA and SEA

What's changed

The Partition Type attribute (Logical Partition monitor type) is now represented as a Graph attribute. Earlier, it was represented as a Text attribute.

This allows for the attribute to be streamed by default in TrueSight Infrastructure Management. By default, Text attributes are not streamed in TrueSight Infrastructure Management.

Downloading the feature pack

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

Installing the feature pack

The PATROL for AIX 1.1.20 feature pack contains all of the files that are required for a complete product release. You can install the product as a fresh installation. 

Before you begin

You must install the feature pack on the following computers:

  • Hosts that are running the PATROL Agent
  • Hosts that are running the PATROL Console

Before you install the feature pack, complete the following steps:

  1. Stop the PATROL Agent.
  2. Back up the PATROL_CACHE directory.
  3. Delete all PATROL for AIX files from the PATROL_CACHE directory.
  4. Back up the PATROL_HOME/lib/knowledge and PATROL_HOME/lib/psl directories.

Follow the instructions in Installing.

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