Using BMC PATROL Agent License Utility

This topic describes how to use BMC PATROL Agent License utility.


Read through the Before you begin topic before you start using the utility.

After you install the utility, PATROL Licensing Report directory is created at <install_dir>

To use the utility:

  1. Open command prompt and change the directory to <install_dir>\PATROL Licensing Report directory.

  2. Run the pa_sockets batch file.

Enter the following parameters.


Enter the Credentials of PATROL Agent that belongs to <groupname> group

User Name


Re-enter Password

Enter the user name and password that is used to connect to your PATROL Agent host.


Do you have VMware Virtual Center or ESX details? (Y/N)

Enter Y if you have a VMware Virtual Center or ESX configured in your environment.

Note: If the Virtual Center or ESX details are not provided, the utility does not retrieve CPU information for VMs running on those ESX.

Enter the number of VC or ESX servers running in your environment (Default is 1)Enter the number of VMware Virtual Centers or ESX servers running in your environment.
VC/ESX NameEnter the name of the Virtual Center or ESX.

Enter the user name that you use to connect to the Virtual Center or ESX.

Note: Remote PATROL Agent or VC or ESX must be accessible (telnet, ping) from the host where you are running PATROL Agent license utility.

The user account that is used to connect to remote PATROL Agent must have appropriate privileges to fetch data using Patrolcli.

Example: */*/CDOPSR

PasswordEnter the password for your Virtual Center or ESX user name
Port number: (Default is 443)Enter the port number to which your Virtual Center or ESX is configured, or press Enter to accept the default value.

Depending on the number of hosts and the connectivity, the utility may take some time to generate the report. The utility generates a .csv report in the <install_dir>\PATROL Licensing Report folder.

The file is generated in Report_yyyyMMddhhmmss format, for example, Report_20150903181802. For details about the data in the report, see PATROL Agent license usage report details.

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