System requirements

 The BMC PATROL License Utility can run on a Microsoft Windows server or a desktop environment that has BMC PATROL Agent installed and running. Ensure that your system meets the requirements before installing the BMC PATROL Agent License Utility.

Hardware and software requirements

Hardware and software requirements
Operating system

Microsoft Windows

Disk space
  • BMC PATROL Agent components: 137 MB
  • BMC PATROL Agent License Utility: 75 MB

Collecting PATROL Agent credentials

A list of PATROL Agents and their credentials are required before you run the utility.


  • This utility does not support hosts that are monitored remotely by BMC Performance Manager for Servers.
  • The utility supports English (United States) locale only. It does not collect CPU information for PATROL Agent hosts with locales other than English (United States).
  1. Retrieve the PATROL Agent hosts list from the PATROL Configuration Manager by copying the ~\pconfmgr\ini\agents.ini file to the <install_dir>\PATROL Licensing Report directory.

    If you do not have PATROL Configuration Manager, you must list all the PATROL Agent host details in the 
    HostList.csv file in the following format:
    <agent_host_name>,<port>,<logical group name> where,
    •  <agent_host_name> is the PATROL Agent host name
    • <port> is the PATROL Agent port number
    • <logical group name> is a logical entity used to combine the PATROL Agents that have common credentials into a single group. 
      You need to provide the credentials for each group as an input while you run the script.


      Ensure that you enter all the details in the HostList.csv file as per the specified format.

  2. If the PATROL Agent is running on a virtual machine hosted on a ESX server, you must provide the VMware VirtualCenter or ESX credentials.
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