Before you begin

Before you run BMC PATROL Agent License Utility, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  • PATROL Agent is installed on every host from which you want to collect information.
  • One of the following files is stored on the host on which the PATROL Agent License utility is installed:
    • agents.ini: If you have installed PATROL Configuration Manager, use the agents.ini file. Copy the file to the <install_dir>\PATROL Licensing Report directory.
    • HostList.csv: If you have not installed PATROL Configuration Manager, create a file named HostList.csv. The HostList.csv file must include the following information about the PATROL Agent hosts.

      • Host names or IP addresses

      • Port numbers

      • Group names: This is a logical entity that is used to combine the PATROL Agents that have common credentials into a single group.You must provide the credentials for each group as an input while you run the script.

      For sample contents of the HostList.csv file, see Sample HostList.csv file


If both files (agents.ini and HostList.csv) are copied to the directory where BMC PATROL Agent License utility is installed, the utility uses the agent.ini file as the input.

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