This documentation space contains information about PATROL Agents when deployed in a TrueSight Operations Management environment. If you are a BMC Helix Operations Management user, see PATROL Agent 22.4 for BMC Helix Operations Management. Open link

Operation of stored environment variables

The PATROL Agent inherits the environment of the shell in which it is started. The PATROL startup scripts, ./ (Korn and Bourne shell) and ./.patrolrc (C shell), treat your user-defined shell script file as optional. If the user-defined shell script file exists, the startup script sources it after all other PATROL script processing. If it does not exist, the script continues. The startup script ( and .patrolrc, respectively) is read by the ./Patrol and ./PatrolAgent scripts, which are usually used to start the console and agent, respectively.


To guarantee that the PATROL Agent and PATROL Console source the user-defined scripts ( and .userrc) during startup, source the appropriate startup scripts (./ and ./.patrolrc) before starting the agent and console.

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