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Configuring your computer for DCOM Communication with the PATROL Agent

This section explains how to run the PATROL DCOM Registration Utility on the computer that runs your DCOM application.

Before you begin

You do not need to perform this task if the PATROL Agent is installed on the same computer running your application.

Copy the COM type library file, IPA.TLB, to the \bin directory under PATROL_HOME. The IPA.TLB file is supplied with the PATROL 3.3 Agent. Make sure you have administrator privileges before running the PATROL DCOM registration utility. The utility requires administrator-level permissions to modify the computer registry.

To configure your computer for communication with the PATROL Agent

  1. Run the PATROL Client Configuration Utility (PCCFG.EXE ). The executable is located in the \bin directory under PATROL_HOME.


    Run PCCFG.EXE in the same directory where IPA.TLB resides.

    The PATROL Client Configuration dialog box displays the currently selected Extended Security Library file.

    PATROL Client configuration dialog box - ESI Library Tab

  2. Click the Type Library tab.
    PATROL displays the currently registered COM Type Library file (IPA.TLB ).

    PATROL Client Configuration Dialog Box - Type Library Tab
  3. Click Browse, and navigate to directory containing the COM Type Library file.
  4. Select the COM Type Library file, and click Open.
  5. Click Register to update your computer registry.
  6. Click Close.
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