ssoadminpassword CLI command

Use this command to change the BMC Remedy Single Sign-On administrator (username: amadmin) password in the TrueSight IT Data Analytics records.

The password for default user, amadmin, is used to access details about users, user groups, and realms (or tenants) available in Remedy Single Sign-On. This information is required while creating data collectors in TrueSight IT Data Analytics.

After installing TrueSight IT Data Analytics, if the password corresponding to the admadmin user changes, then it is necessary that you update the same password in the TrueSight IT Data Analytics records.

To understand the syntax and examples, see:

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Before you run the command, note the following points:

ssoadminpassword -d <hostname> -p <portNumber> -u <username> -w <password> -pwd <AmadminPassword> [-l <locale>] [-s]

  • Angle brackets (< >) indicate a variable value that needs to be user defined.

  • Square brackets ([ ]) indicate optional parameters.

The following table describes the parameters used in the syntax:

Host name of the Console Server.
Port number of the Console Server.
User name to use to connect with the Console Server.
Password corresponding to the user name to use to connect with the Console Server.
New password corresponding to the amadmin user.

(Optional) Indicates the locale in which you want to display messages when the command is run.

You can set one of the following locales:

  • English
  • Simplified Chinese
  • German
  • French

By default, the messages are displayed in the locale of the system on which the CLI is run.

The value can be set to one of the following depending on the locale you choose:

  • English: en
  • Simplified Chinese: chs
  • German: de
  • French: fr

Example: If you want to set the locale as Simplified Chinese, you need to specify, l=chs.

(Optional) Indicates an HTTPS connection.

Example inputs

The following example provides the input for changing the password corresponding to the amadmin user to ssoAdm1n:

ssoadminpassword -d localhost -p 9797 -u admin -w admin12345 -pwd ssoAdm1n

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