Quick overview

TrueSight IT Data Analytics enhances TrueSight Operations Management to deliver end-to-end IT operations analytics.

TrueSight IT Data Analytics is a data mining and analytics engine that processes and delivers real-time insights into mission-critical data, extending to every corner of the enterprise network.

Collect, index, and correlate data from a variety of data sources including files and directories, script outputs, Windows events, other BMC products, network devices, and cloud applications (or services). Inspect or search this data for additional information related to a known problem (root-cause analysis) or use this information to monitor conditions of interest across multiple disparate data sources (by creating notifications). Identify root causes faster and reduce the mean time to repair (MTTR).

Analyze and visualize data to find valuable information and make intelligent decisions about managing your applications and your IT environment. 


Product features

Collect, search, analyze, and visualize semi-structured or structured machine data generated by various applications in a single console.

Collect data from disparate sources

Search data

Collect data with easily deployable agent or agentless options and policy-based configurations that use collection profiles.

Perform simple searches by key words present in your data, or go deeper with advanced search.

Visualize data

Analyze data

Create application-specific dashboards to see the most important business KPIs with the help of content packs.

For more information, see the  list of content packs Open link .

Get access to important data insights by monitoring the frequency or occurrence of a problem or discover unexpected trends.

Look at analytics such as coalesced data reports and anomaly detection or compare results across different data sets or time frames.

Create notification for alerts or reports

Integrate with other systems

Proactively identify troublesome patterns on an ongoing basis and create alerts and reports to take action before your users are affected.

As trends are discovered, create bi-directional notifications in TrueSight Presentation Server, that are triggered when a known condition occurs again.

Integrate with other TrueSight and BMC products to get additional context while troubleshooting problems. Use the additional context to get a holistic view of a data center uptime and resources.

Utilize REST APIs, data collectors that collect script outputs, and data collectors that enable you to receive data over connections such as TCP/UDP and HTTP/HTTPS, to communicate and integrate with systems outside BMC. For more information, see Creating data collectors.

User roles

  • IT Operator
  • Technology Specialist
  • Application Specialist
  • Solution Administrator

The following table describes each of the user roles relevant to TrueSight IT Data Analytics:

User roleDescription

IT Operator

Troubleshooter in TrueSight IT Data Analytics

Monitors the performance and availability of applications and the IT infrastructure. Investigates the cause and initiates remediation.

Technology Specialist

App admin in TrueSight IT Data Analytics

Sets up and monitors the performance and availability of his respective technology to ensure that it meets the prescribed business requirements and SLAs.

Application Specialist

App admin in TrueSight IT Data Analytics

Models business applications and manages the software and IT infrastructure that compose the part of an application.

Solutions Administrator

Super admin in TrueSight IT Data Analytics

Plans, deploys, installs, configures, secures, and upgrades TrueSight IT Data Analytics 

For more information, see  Roles and permissions in IT Data Analytics Open link  

Product documentation

View | Learn | Understand

The TrueSight IT Data Analytics documentation helps new and experienced users implement or use this product.

Based on your role, the following sections of the documentation are recommended:

TrueSight IT Data Analytics documentation sections

Each section identifies the type of information available and links to instructions.

Release notes and notices
Getting started

Planning Open link

FAQs and additional resources
PDFs and videos

TrueSight Operations Management deployment

Planning Open link

All users should view and set up a watch on the Release notes and notices page for the latest product information and documentation updates.

The FAQs and additional resources page answers questions about how to use this online documentation and directs you to other resources for getting information about this product.

To see the list of videos available with this documentation or to download a PDF of this documentation (for offline viewing), see PDFs and videos.

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