Deploying Integration Service and Collection Station on the same node

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The topic explains the use case to install the Collection Station (component of TrueSight IT Data Analytics) with the Integration Service (component of TrueSight Infrastructure Management) on the same node. This use case can help you better utilize physical resources (machines already acquired) by installing the Collection Station on a node hosting the Integration Service.

When you deploy the Collection Station on the node hosting the Integration Service, the Collection Station continues to communicate with the Indexers and Configuration Database.


This deployment use case is applicable only if you are monitoring the log collection and not event collection.

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Deploying the Collection Station on the Integration Service node

To deploy the Collection Station, navigate to the node hosting the Integration Service and perform a custom installation of the Collection Station. For more information, see Installing in a multiple server environment Open link

While installing the Collection Station, if you find any port conflicts, then you can provide other free port numbers.

The following image depicts the installation screen with the Collection Station inputs.


After deploying the Collection Station, if you find resource utilization issues, then you might want to consider moving the Collection Station to a separate node.

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