Creating data collectors

Before you create a data collector, you need to understand the kind of data that you want to collect and collate all the inputs required for creating the particular data collector type.

The following table lists data collectors categorized by the data source and based on whether the data collector is meant for local or remote data collection. For example, if you want to collect data from files and directories locally, you need to create the Monitor file on Collection Agent type of data collector.


After the data collector is created, it might take some time (approximately 1 minute) for the first poll to happen. The first poll is used to make the data collector ready for data collection. The data is fetched only from the second poll.

Expected time delay (to see the first set of data for a search) = (Time for first poll) + (Poll interval set for the data collector).

Standalone Agent and Standalone Collection Agent

All references to the Standalone Agent or Standalone Collection Agent in this document is applicable only if you are using IT Data Analytics version 11.3.01. The latest version released for a Standalone Agent is 11.3.01. Starting from version 11.3.02, no more versions will be released for the Standalone Agent. However, you can make a note of the following information:

  • You can continue to use Standalone Agent version 11.3.01 with IT Data Analytics version 11.3.02.
  • If you have created Data Collectors using a Standalone Agent in version 11.3.01, the data collection will continue to work with IT Data Analytics version 11.3.02.
  • You can also edit the Data Collectors to use PATROL Agent instead of a Standalone Agent in IT Data Analytics version 11.3.02.

Data collectors in the following table contain links to topics that describe the process of creating the particular data collector type.

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