Changing the debug logging level

BMC Customer Support might ask you to change the debug logging level in the course of diagnosing a problem.

The debug messages can be set in the order of severity.

The following table provides debug messages in the order of severity and verbosity:

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Setting a log level gets you messages from the level at which the logs are set and higher in the sequence. The default setting is INFO level.


BMC recommends that you not change the debug logging levels unless BMC Customer Support asks you to do so.

To change the debug logging level

  1. Navigate to the configuration file for the component for which you want to collect logs, as shown in the following table.

    Component typeLocation 1Logging level propertyRe-start required?
    Collection StationWindows


    logger name="com.bmc.ola" level="INFO"No
    Collection AgentWindows


    logger name="com.bmc.ola" level="INFO"No
    Search + Console ServerWindows


    logger name="com.bmc.ola" level="INFO"No


    es.logger.level: INFOYes

    1The location paths provided in the table (except the Collection Agent) must be preceded by one of the following environment variables:

    • Windows: %BMC_ITDA_HOME%
    • Linux: $BMC_ITDA_HOME

    The Collection Agent location path must be preceded by one of the following environment variables:

    • Windows: %PATROL_HOME%

    • Linux: $PATROL_HOME

  2. Edit the configuration file as described in the preceding step and change the value of the logging level property to one of the following, depending on the level of verbosity required.

    Logging levelDescription
    TRACEDesignates finer-grained informational events than the DEBUG. Enables logging.
    DEBUGDesignates informational events that are useful for debugging an application.
    INFO(Default) Designates informational messages that highlight the progress of the application at a high level.
    WARNDesignates potentially harmful events
    ERRORDesignates events that might still allow the application to keep running.
    OFFDisables logging.
  3. Save the file.
  4. If you changed the logging level for the Indexer component, then re-start the Indexer. For more information, see Starting or stopping product services.

Where to go from here

After changing the logging level, use the  maintenance tool to create a zipped copy of the log files and send it to BMC Customer Support.

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