This section describes a few troubleshooting procedures for PATROL for HL. 

Debugging the PATROL HL KM

After configuring the History Loader component, the PATROL HL KM creates history data files. History data ({}.dat{*}) files are created for each History Loader component that you configured.

If a Problem Occurs

If you have a problem propagating history data, turn on the debugging option from the History Loader application instance menu, or turn on the Logging option from the Monitoring Configuration in the TrueSight console. Debugging options display additional information about the PATROL HL KM processes in the system output window. Logging entries are in the log in <PATROL_Installation_Folder>\Log\HISTORY_Propagator-<HOST_NAME>-<PORT_NUMBER>.kmlog.

When you have viewed debugging information and solved the problem, you can turn off debugging from the application instance menu, or from the TrueSight console.

To Turn Debugging On or Off

Do one of the following:

  • Access the RDBMS History Loader application class menu and choose the Utilities > Debug On or Utilities > Debug Off menu command. 
  • In the History Propagator Monitoring Configuration in TrueSight console, open the KM Administration section, and select or clear the Logging option.

Incomplete or Missing Data Files

If your *.dat files are incomplete or your *.done files are missing on the target machine and you are using the UDP port type, try changing the port type to TCP.


If you are using PATROL across a firewall, read the firewall section in the PATROL Installation Guide for your console before you change your protocol.

The dump_hist utility dumps the history contents into the param.hist file. The param.hist file contains this history data only after the Agent is stopped. If you dump the history and receive the message, param.hist is not a Patrol history data file, you need to stop and restart the agent.

Propagation Fails

History Propagator tries six times to send propagated data to the target machine. If, after six attempts, History Propagator is unable to send the data to the target machine, propagation fails. Try manually propagating to another machine, see History Propagator configuration overview.

Stopping Propagation

To stop history propagation, you must deactivate the GetHistoryData parameter. You must use a PATROL Developer Console to deactivate a parameter. The procedures for deactivating a parameter depend on whether you are using a PATROL Console for Unix or a PATROL Console for Windows Servers.

For instructions about how to deactivate a parameter, see the PATROL User Guide for your console.

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