This documentation supports the 20.22.02 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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Release notes and notices

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July, 2022

20.22.02 enhancements and patches

The following features are available in this initial release of BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.22.02:

  • Remedyforce Administration
    • Use complex logic to configure suggested owners and queue auto assignment
  • Remedyforce Console
    • Skip out-of-office staff from the automated assignment of records
    • Visual indicator for out-of-office staff in typeahead

    • Use the Assign to me option to assign any record type to yourself
  • Remedyforce CMDB
    • Import valid LAN Endpoint records from BMC Client Management
  • Remedyforce Chat
    • Chat with multiple clients concurrently
    • Chat with staff users via digital experience sites


Testing guidelines: For information about the testing guidelines, see BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.22.02 sandbox testing guidelines.


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