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Settings for email conversation

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Settings that you can configure for all the users of email conversation are provided on the Remedyforce Administration > Configure Email > Email Conversation Settings  page .


To allow Salesforce organization to send you all types of email messages, ensure that  Access Level  in the  Access to Send Email  section is set to  All email  on the  Setup > Email Administration > Deliverability  for Salesforce Classic and Setup > Administration > Email > Deliverability for Lightning Experience page.

The following table describes the settings available on the page.

From email address

The email addresses that you have configured as organization-wide email addresses are available in the  From email address  field. To configure the organization-wide email addresses, see  Defining organization-wide email address .
The selected organization-wide email address sends all outbound email messages from your organization. This email address appears in the  From  field of all email messages sent to clients. It also appears in the  From  field of all notification email messages.

You can configure multiple email addresses from which staff members can select one email address that appears in the  From  field of an email message that they send from a record. For example, assume that you are using BMC Remedyforce to provide service to multiple groups or clients, such as Human Resource and Finance departments. If you configure multiple from email addresses, such as  and , the staff members of the HR department can select  while sending an email message from a record. Also, the staff members of the Finance department can select  while communicating with their clients.

Assign the email address to all profiles  or  Assign the email address to selected profiles

Enables you to make the email address available to users of all profiles or selected profiles.  To configure a default email address, in the From email address field, select the email address, and select the Set As Default check box. You can configure a default email address for all profiles only.

If you want to make the email address available to users of selected profiles only, from the  Available Profiles  list, select the required profiles, and click the right arrow to move the selected profiles to the  Selected Profiles  list.

Note: While creating this organization-wide email address, if you selected the  Allow Only Selected Profiles to Use the From Address  option, ensure that you select the same profiles in the  Available Profiles  list.

Email Conversation 
Enable the To Field for editingEnables the  To  field on the Email Message window. By default, only the email address of the client is provided in the  To  field and the field is disabled.
Show the Bcc fieldEnables the  Bcc  field on the Email Message window. The email address provided in the  Bcc  field is not saved in the record details.
Enable Email Signature (Only for emails sent through Activity Feed) Enables the configuration for creating and inserting the signatures in the email messages sent through the Activity Feed window.
Enable the Email Template FieldEnables the  Email Template  field on the Email Message window.
Allow staff members to add additional information in the email sent using templates

Enables the staff members to add additional information while composing an email for a selected email template. If you select this check box, ensure that the Additional_email_information field is added in the email templates. For more information on adding the additional information, see Customizing an email template.


If you select this check box and do not add the Additional_email_information field in the email templates, staff members will be able to include the additional information in an email, but this information is not included in the email that is send to the recipients.

Enable preview of Email TemplatesEnables the staff members to preview the email template.
Email Template Folder

By default, while sending an email message, all email templates (of type Visualforce) that you create are available to staff members in the Email Template field. Therefore, selecting the right email template for an email message becomes tedious for a staff member. To ensure that they see only those email templates that are created for email conversation are shown, create a folder and add all such email templates to that folder. To create such a folder, go to Setup > Communication Templates > Email Templates, click Create New Folder, and add the required email templates to the folder. To ensure that the folder and the email templates of the folder are accessible to all users, ensure that on the Email Template Folder page, you select the This folder is accessible by all users option.

From the Email Template Folder list, select the folder that you have created. If you select All, all email templates that are in a folder or not are made available to staff members.

Show record link to Staff user in

You can select which URL should be send as a record link in the email based on whether users are on Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Lightning Experience. If a user who is on Salesforce Lightning Experience views a record using the Classic link, the user will not be able to see the headers on the page. Therefore, you must select an appropriate URL type for the record link.

You can select from the following options:

  • Salesforce Classic: Record link is send as a Salesforce Classic URL.
  • Lightning Experience: Record link is send as a Lightning URL.
  • Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience: Two record links are send, one as a Salesforce Classic URL and the other as a Lightning URL .
Stop Email Conversation Failure Alert

This setting is to be used to opt out from the emails related to email processing error.

In previous versions of Remedyforce, for an incident record if the client user made changes in the email subject line, the exception emails were ignored and were not attached in the incident. However, from the Winter 19 release, if the client user makes any changes in the subject of the email, Remedyforce will attach the email in the incident and will send an error processing email to the user mentioned in the setting User to receive email processing error notifications (Remedyforce Administration > Configure Email > Incident - Email page).

Note that, when the user opts for this setting, only the syntax error emails will not be sent.

Email Signature Filter Rules 
For incoming emails in Email Conversation and while creating incidents from emails

You can now restrict unwanted attachments, such as signature images or icons, for incoming emails in Email Conversation and while creating incidents from emails. You can restrict attachments based on the following options:

  • File names
  • Files with file types as JPEG, JPG, GIF, and PNG and having the file size below a specified size.

You can use the following settings to restrict the unwanted attachments.

Do not save attachments with the following names

Select this check box if you do not want to save attachments with the specified file names. Provide comma separated file names, for example, my_comp_logo.jpg, logo2.png. Provide complete file names with extensions and without wildcard characters. Note that file names are case insensitive. If you specify a file name without the extension, then all the files with that name and having any extension type are ignored.

Do not save attachments with extensions as JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG and size less than [] KB

Select this check box if you do not want to save attachments with file types as J PEG, JPG, GIF, and PNG and having the file size below a value that you specify . The default file size is set to 10 KB.

You can specify the file types through the EmailAttachmentTypesToIgnore setting. For more information about this setting, see .Managing custom settings v20.21.02.


If you specify a higher value of file size, then legitimate attachments might get trimmed off. Exercise caution while selecting this option and specifying the file size value.

Email Subject Line Configuration

You can configure the subject of email conversations, rather than using the automatically generated one.

Select the object for which you want to configure the subject line. 

You can configure the subject line for the following objects:

  • Incident
  • Service Requests
  • Tasks
  • Problems
  • Change Requests

If you do not configure the subject line for an object, the default subject line is displayed.


Enter the subject line.

  • You can use static text and record fields in a subject line.
  • To enter record fields, click . From the Insert Field list, select the desired field. The Insert Field list displays fields corresponding to the object you selected from Select Object.
  • You can use the following field types in a subject line:
    • Text
    • Textarea
    • Date
    • DateTime
    • Lookup
    • Number
    • Picklist
    • Formula
    • Check box
    • Currency
    • Email
    • Percent
    • Phone
    • URL
    • Multiselect Picklist
  • The configured subject line is displayed when you send emails from the following sources:
    • Activity Feed > Send Email
    • Actions > Email
    • SmartView
  • Multiple locales are not supported in a subject line. 
  • The auto-generated subject line appears in emails if you do not configure the subject line. 


Record reference numbers such as (Ref:IN:00000125) are generated automatically. BMC Helix Remedyforce reserves 19 characters for a record reference number. Email conversations use these reference numbers in a subject line.

When you receive an email in Outlook with a subject that contains 223 characters or more, the record ID in the subject gets cropped. For example, the subject line displays a record ID as (Ref:IN:0001..As a result, when you reply to this email, no event is created in the corresponding record in  BMC Helix Remedyforce .

Keeping the subject line short ensures that the record ID appears fully in the subject line. 

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