This documentation supports the 20.21.02 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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Troubleshooting issues when managing categories

The following table describes the troubleshooting tips that you can use to resolve issues that you might face when managing categories:



You have created a category, but your users cannot see this category in the category lookup window or category tree in the following locations:

  • Template form
  • Request definition form
  • Remedyforce Console
  • Self Service

On the Category form, in the Applies To section, confirm that you have selected the check box of the specific module.

After upgrading to version 20.16.01 from version 20.15.03 or earlier, you can no longer see the Available for incidents and Available for service requests check boxes on the Category form.

Starting with version 20.16.01 (Summer 16):

  • The Available for Incidents check box has been renamed as Incidents
  • The Available for Service Requests check box has been renamed as Service Requests.

Additionally, these check boxes have been moved to the Applies To section on the Category form.

You have restricted the availability of a category to specific modules, but the category is not displayed when creating records of those specific modules.

If a category is restricted to a specific module but its parent or superparent categories are not restricted to that same module, the category is not listed in the category tree.

However, if users search for this category, it is displayed in the search results.

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