This documentation supports the 20.21.02 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.21.02 sandbox testing guidelines

The BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.21.02 (Summer 21) release contains enhancements and defect fixes to improve the product quality. We recommend that if you choose to self-upgrade, then you must first upgrade and test 20.21.02 in your sandbox organization before pushing this version to your production organization.

This topic provides recommended validations related to the enhancements and defect fixes that are addressed in the BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.21.02 release. Since these guidelines do not cover all customizations or configurations that are specific to your organization, we recommend that you use this topic as a reference for understanding the possible product areas, which are updated. As partners and customers, do not limit your validations to the testing guidelines that are mentioned in this topic. You must also execute your test cases to make sure that all the use cases important to your business continue to work as expected. For more information about the enhancements in this release, see 20.21.02 enhancements

The following table explains the recommended validations.

Product Area / FeatureSub FeatureRecommended ValidationDocumentation
Experience Cloud SitesLookup filters on the Submit Ticket and Service Request forms
  • As per the settings configured in Remedyforce Administration, Lookup filters are displayed on the Submit Ticket and Service Request forms.
  • Lookup fields display results as expected.
20.21.02 enhancements

The Template attribute for the Submit Ticket component
  • You can select a template while configuring the Submit Ticket component.
  • Field values that are preselected in the template are auto populated in the ticket.
  • You can submit, view, and update tickets as expected.

Save service requests as drafts
  • The Save as Draft button is displayed on the service request form as per the Remedyforce Administration setting.
  • Service requests can be saved as drafts.
  • Service request drafts are accessible via the View Requests component.
  • Service request drafts can be updated and submitted.

Remedyforce Self Help Articles
  • As a Remedyforce administrator, you can configure the new Self Help Articles component.
  • All published and entitled Remedyforce self help articles are displayed and can be accessed as expected.
  • You can provide feedback.

  • As a Remedyforce administrator, you can configure the new Broadcasts component.
  • Broadcasts that are available for Self Service 3.0 are available in Experience Cloud Sites.
  • Broadcasts show details as expected.

  • As a Remedyforce administrator, you can configure the following components on the Search page of an Experience Cloud Site:
    • Remedyforce Search Results
    • Request from Search Results
  • You can search the following:
      • Common tickets
      • Self-help articles
      • Service requests
      • Broadcasts
  • If search results are not satisfactory, you are able to submit a ticket or a service request from the Search page.
Remedyforce AdministrationService Request Definition
  • In the fulfillment mapping of service request definitions, all the supported fields are available for mapping, and are getting mapped correctly.
Known and corrected issues

CMDBConfiguration Items and (CIs) and ServicesWhile creating or updating any CI record, the field dependency works as expected irrespective of the fields marked as Required.

CI Multiple instance Editor

In the Multiple Instance Editor of a CI, you are able to update, or delete all the supported data type fields including Date and Date/Time fields.

Remedyforce ConsoleDynamic field rendering on Incident/Service Request

If the dynamic field rendering conditions defined for a read only controlling field are satisfied, users are able to view the dependent fields.

Change RequestFor change requests, bulk operations such as deleting records in bulk work as expected.

  • Records are shared with approvers.
  • Approvers are able to approve or reject records.
Self Service 3.0Attachments
  • You are able to submit tickets and service requests with or without attachments.
  • If triggers are created, you should able to add attachments successfully, or receive appropriate error messages.
Remedyforce WorkspacesAccount link/unlink with CI

On the Remedyforce Workspaces tab, users with appropriate permissions are able to link or unlink CIs with accounts.

OthersAPI version upgrade

Pentaho packages for the following integrations work as expected with API version 51 and Pentaho version 9.1: 

  • SCCM
  • Dell Kace
  • LDAP
  • Smart Practices contents
  • Asset Core
  • Configuration-Migration
20.21.02 enhancements
IntegrationsPentaho packages and other integrations (TSOM-Truesight, BCM, Discovery, TSSA-BSA)Integrations must work as expected with the API version 51.

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