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BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.20.02 Patch 3 sandbox testing guidelines

BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.20.02 (Summer 20) Patch 3 contains a few defect fixes to improve the product quality. It is recommended that if you choose to self-upgrade, then first upgrade and test in your sandbox organization before pushing 20.20.02 Patch 3 to your production organization.

This document provides testing recommendations related to defect fixes addressed in the BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.20.02 Patch 3 release. Note that these guidelines might not cover all customizations or configurations that are specific to your organization. Hence, it is recommended that this document be used as a reference for understanding the possible product areas which might have undergone changes. Partners and customers are expected to not limit their validations to the ones mentioned in this documentation. They should also execute their test suites to ensure all the use cases important to their business continue to work as expected.

For more information on the release details, refer to the BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.20.02 Patch 3 release notes.

For more information about the testing guidelines, refer to the following table:

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Product Area / FeatureSub FeatureRecommended Validation
Remedyforce AdministrationAccount CI Link
  • Verify that more than 35000 CIs can be linked to an account.
  • Verify that the Link CI or Link Service option from Remedyforce Administration > Manage Users > Accounts > Supporting Information > Services, CIs and Assets works as expected.

Smart Sync

Verify the following functionality:

  • The SmartSync button is displayed in the Remedyforce sandbox environment.
  • The following features are available, and work as expected:
    • Self Help
    • Help link
    • Rate your Experience
    • RemedyForce Value Adoption

Service Request Definition

Verify the following functionality:

  • The Request Definitions tab is accessible from Remedyforce Administration > Configure Application.
  • You can create and edit request definitions successfully.

Service Request Definition

While creating or editing a request definition, verify the following functionality:

  • You can create or clone a request input with the same response type from an input list or from a form.
  • You can create or clone a request input with a different response type from an input list or from a form.

Service Request Definition

In Remedyforce Administration > Configure Application > Request Definitions, verify that after creating or editing a request input, when you click Save, you are navigated to the request inputs list .

Service Request Definition

Verify the following while creating or editing service request definitions:

  • You can create and edit the following request input types:
    • Picklist
    • Multipicklist
    • Radio button
  • You can apply a default value for the request inputs.
  • You can save the request inputs as expected.

Chrome cookie

Verify that the links with a + sign on the Remedyforce Administration tab open the correct pages in the Lightning and Classic environments.

Remedyforce ConsoleService Level Agreements

Verify the following functionality:

  • Service level agreements work as expected.
  • The elapsed time is displayed in the service target related list when the clock is in the following conditions:
    • Paused
    • Stopped
    • Start Clock
    • Cancelled
    • Closed
    • Resumed
    • Met
    • Not met

Service Level Management

Verify the following functionality:

  • Service level targets get applied
  • The following fields display values as expected based on your business days and holiday settings:
    • Elapsed Time
    • Target End Date
    • Time Remaining
  • Validate the use case in which holidays are falling between running service level targets.

Change Request

Verify that a collision in a change request works as expected and the following fields display correct values:

  • State
  • Closed Date
  • Review Date

Files and attachments

If multiple versions of a file or an attachment are added to a record, verify that the latest version of the file or the attachment is displayed correctly on the following pages:

  • LWC-  View Ticket and Submit Ticket
  • Remedyforce Console > Actions > Attach/View Files
  • Remedyforce Console > Record Details,
  • Remedyforce Console > Activity Feed
  • Remedyforce Console > SmartViews
  • Knowledge Articles that have an attachment
  • Email conversations that have an attachment
  • CMDB record with an attachment in the Details section
  • Remedyforce Chat with an attachment in Self Service 3.0, Salesforce Mobile, and Remedyforce Console
  • Self Service 3.0 > Attachment in a ticket and a service request
  • Mobile application (Analyst, Self Service) - Records with attachments

Incident update history

Verify that the record update history shows correct information with correct count whenever a record gets updated. Records can be updated manually, through a workflow, flow, and the process builder.

Incident through Email

Verify the following for incidents that are created through emails:

  • The email body gets mapped correctly with a Rich Text Format (RTF) field of incidents whether you specify keywords or not.
  • Changes get applied correctly to incident fields through a workflow, process builder, and flow.

Incident and Configuration Item/AssetOn incident form, verify that the list view of the Configuration Item/Asset lookup pop-up window displays the classes as per the class type selected from the Filter by dropdown list.

My Dashboard & Quick Views

Verify that Shared QuickViews and the QuickViews that are created by a logged-in user are displayed in the alphabetical order in My Dashboard.

Verify that the QuickView records per page are retained as configured by a user.

Service Request

Verify that you can create service requests and all request inputs provided in service requests are displayed as expected. For example, the text in the Text Area field is displayed in the correct format.

My Work Day

Verify that the configured My Work Day cards are displayed correctly and Card Description is readable in all languages that are supported by BMC Helix Remedyforce.

List view

Due to the security enhancements, verify that your use cases related to following features work as expected:

  • Search
  • Column Filter
  • Single and Multi Column Sorting
  • Search within View

List viewsVerify that the auto refresh for list views and My Work Day works as expected.
Mobile ApplicationSelf Service on iOS and Android

Verify the following functionality:

  • The Self Service Mobile application works as expected.
  • You can access all pages and tabs.
  • Scrolling works as expected on all pages and tabs.

Self Service 3.0

Mobile Application

Manage Approvals
  • Verify that Manage Approvals in Self Service 3.0 works as expected for Remedyforce objects and standard objects. For the approval of standard objects, you must disable the following setting:
    Remedyforce Administration > Configure Self Service > General Self Service Settings > Show approvals for only Remedyforce objects
  • Verify that Manage Approvals works as expected from the mobile application.
  • If you have REST Service to fetch approvals, the service should work as expected.
CMDBLink Incident to CI

Verify the following functionality:

  • While linking incidents with a configuration item from Remedyforce CMDB > Instance Editor > Details > Action > Link Incident, the pop-up window displays incidents only if the following condition is set:
  • The selected incidents are getting linked to CIs as expected.
MigrationService Request DefinitionVerify that service request definitions are migrated correctly to a production organization along with fulfillment mappings.
ReportsKBA linked with CI

Verify that OOTB and custom reports are available and provide correct information as expected.

Verify that you can create or modify reports as per your requirements.

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