This documentation supports releases of BMC Helix Dashboards up to December 31, 2021. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Out-of-the-box visualization plugins

In this topic, you'll learn about the list of all out-of-the-box visualization plugins available with BMC Helix Dashboards.

Plugin NameDetails
BMC plugins
Visualize data as charts in panels.

Visualize data as a combination of charts and graphs in panels.

Visualize data as grids in panels.
Visualize data as records in panels.
Third-party plugins
Time series visualization is the default and primary way to visualize time series data.
This panel visualization allows you to graph categorical data.
The Stat panel visualization shows a one large stat value with an optional graph sparkline.
Gauge is a single-value visualization that can repeat a gauge for every series, column or row.
The bar gauge simplifies your data by reducing every field to a single value.
The table panel visualization is very flexible, supporting multiple modes for time series and for tables, annotation, and raw JSON data.
The pie chart displays reduced series, or values in a series, from one or more queries, as they relate to each other, in the form of slices of a pie.
The state timeline panel visualization shows discrete state changes over time.
The Heatmap panel visualization allows you to view histograms over time.
The Status history visualization shows periodic states over time.
The histogram visualization calculates the distribution of values and presents them as a bar chart.
The graph panel can render metrics as a line, a path of dots, or a series of bars.
The text panel visualization lets you make information and description panels for your dashboards.
The Alert list allows you to display your dashboards alerts. You can configure the list to show current state or recent state changes.
The dashboard list visualization allows you to display dynamic links to other dashboards.
This panel visualization displays an RSS feed.
This panel visualization displays complex diagrams using the online graphing library

The Geomap panel visualization allows you to view and customize the world map using geospatial data.
The Worldmap Panel is a tile map of the world that can be overlaid with circles representing data points from a query.
The logs panel visualization shows log lines from data sources that support logs, such as Elastic, Influx, and Loki.
The Node graph can visualize directed graphs or networks. It uses a directed force layout to effectively position the nodes, so it can display complex infrastructure maps, hierarchies, or execution diagrams.
The Plugin List panel shows the installed plugins for your Grafana instance and is included with Grafana.  It is used on the default Home dashboard.
This grafana panel displays traffic lights based on the data source most recent time aggregation.

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