Apache Cassandra database

With this release, the Apache Cassandra database is installed out-of-the-box when you install the Configuration Distribution Peer (CDP) or the High-Availability CDP (HA-CDP) components. The Cassandra database stores data for the jobs running on the Grid. This data is displayed on the Job List and Job View tabs on the Health Dashboard.

The Cassandra database starts and stops running when the CDP or the HA-CDP service is started or stopped. 


By default, Cassandra database uses 9042 port number.

Verifying the status of the Cassandra database

If the database is not running, the following error message is displayed in the grid.log file. 

DefaultLocalJobManager [PeerName=CDP]    [Thread 1188] There was a problem
persisting job data - Message[summary=Problem connecting to Database node ,
detail=All host(s) tried for query failed (tried: /
(com.datastax.driver.core.exceptions.TransportException: [/]
Cannot connect))]

To verify whether the database is up and running, perform the following steps: 

  1. Go to the command prompt and run the following command:
    • (Windows)netstat -an|findstr 9042
    • (Linux)ps -ef | grep cassandra

      netstat -an | grep 9042

The Cassandra database is installed at the CDP_HOME/cassandra location.

Changing the port number of the Cassandra database

By default, Cassandra database is installed on the 9042 port. To use a port that matches your requirement, you must change the port number in the Cassandra configuration file and then make changes to the CDP configuration file.

To change the Cassandra database port number:

  1. Stop the CDP or HA-CDP service.
    For more information, see Starting and stopping product components and services
  2. Go to CDP_HOME/cassandra/conf and open the cassandra.yaml file.
  3. Search for the native_transport_port property and change the value to the port number that matches your requirement. 
  4. Go to CDP_HOME/tomcat/conf and open the context.xml file.
  5. Search for the com.bmc.ao.CASSANDRA_SERVER parameter and change the value for the port number to match the port specified in the cassandra.yaml file.

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