8.0.01: Service Pack 1

This topic describes the updates and fixes in this service pack and provides instructions for downloading and installing the service pack. 


For a list of issues corrected in this service pack, see Corrected issues. For a complete list, see Known and corrected issues.

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The following video (2.02) describes the enhancements and updates in the service pack. 


Corrected issues

The following table describes the issues resolved in this service pack.

Affected versionCategoryDescriptionDefect ID
7.7, 7.7.02, 7.8, 7.8.01, 7.8.02, 7.9, 7.9.01, 8.0.00Documentation

Documentation for the Legacy web service does not clearly specify the permissions required to run the workflows. For example, users need to be assigned View Grid Status permission to run workflows using the legacy web service. If a user, who does not have this permission runs a workflow using the legacy web service, it fails.

8.0.00InstallationOn Windows 2008 R2 server, Apache Cassandra node does not start automatically each time the CDP or HA-CDP service is started. Due to this, data for job views and job list is not updated in the Health Dashboard.DRAUM-23060
7.9.01, 8.0.00LogsPlain text passwords are visible in the localhost_access log file.DRAUM-23153
8.0.00UpgradeWhile upgrading to 8.0.00, each time the CDP is started, the broker-config.xml file is modified. This causes the CDP to fail when you need to restart the CDP.DRAUM-23235
7.8.02, 7.9.01, 8.0.00Grid ManagerModules list on the Grid Manager > Grid Permissions is not expanding and thus one cannot edit the permissions for a module.DRAUM-23236
8.0.00REST APIIf a process name contains spaces or special characters, the Execute process API call fails.DRAUM-23272
8.0.00REST APIThe Get an activated module on the Grid API call fails and an authorization error is displayed.DRAUM-23278

For a complete list of known and corrected issues, see Known and corrected issues.


The following enhancements are included in this service pack. 

Supported Remedy Single Sign-On versions

 Platform supports the following versions of Remedy Single Sign-On (RSSO):

  • RSSO 18.08 (External only)
  • RSSO 18.05 (External only)
  • RSSO 18.02 (External only)
  • RSSO 9.1.04 (External only)
  • RSSO (Embedded and external)

Pagination added to the Grid Manager - Grid Permissions UI 

In earlier releases, a list of all active modules on the Grid are displayed on the Grid Manager - Grid Permissions tab. If the list of active modules is huge, the Grid Permissions UI consumes a lot of application memory and reduces the performance of the Grid.  Platform 8.0.01 onward, only five active modules are displayed on the Grid Permissions tab on one page and you can use the and options to view and manage permissions for the active modules. 

This enhancement has significantly improved the performance of the Grid Permissions UI. 

Infrastructure updates

 Platform version 8.0.01 includes the following infrastructure updates:

  •  Development Studio now supports Microsoft Windows 2016 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 operating systems.
  •  Platform supports Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (Enterprise) for the metrics database.
  • Updated version of the Apache Cassandra database, version 3.11.2 is bundled with the  Configuration Distribution Peer. 
  •  Platform now uses Java version 1.8.0_162.


    Platform 8.0.01 uses Java 8. Clients running on Java 7 may face issues with communication handshake due to incompatibilities between Java 7 and Java 8 versions. BMC recommends that you update Java version for clients to the latest supported Java version.

For more information, see System requirements.

Downloading the service pack

To download the service pack, go to the  Platform download page on BMC Electronic Product Download website and click the Patches tab.

For more information, see Downloading the installation files.

Installing the service pack

The process to install the service pack is like installing any major, minor, or service pack version.

For more information, see Installing.

Upgrading to the service pack

If you are upgrading from any  version earlier than 8.0.00, see Upgrading for instructions for upgrade. 

Before upgrading from 8.0.00 to 8.0.01

If you upgrading from 8.0.00 to 8.0.01, ensure that the following prerequistes are met before you upgrade the Configuration Distribution Peer

  • Ensure that the Cassandra database is stopped. If the database is still running, you must manually stop the database before upgrading the CDP. For more information, see Starting and stopping product components and services.
  • If you have changed the port number for the Cassandra database, back up the cassandra.yaml file before the upgrade. After upgrading the CDP, you must manually update the port number in the cassandra.yaml file. For more information, see, Apache Cassandra Database.

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