8.0.00 enhancements

This section contains information about the enhancements in version 8.0.00 of the  Platform. For a complete list of new features in this release, see What's new in 8.0.00

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Platform - Content compatibility

 Platform 8.0.00 is certified with  BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content 20.17.01

  • Platform 8.0.00 uses Java 8, update 144. If you have created custom adapters, you might need to recompile the adapters with this version of Java. Some adapters might not work if they do not comply with the increased security standards enforced in this version of Java.
  • If you are upgrading an existing installation to to v8.0.00, you need to upgrade some web services-based adapters due to incompatibilities with Java versions.
  • Content versions 20.16.02 and earlier of the following adapters will not work with Platform versions 7.8.02 and later. For more information about supported  Content versions, see Adapters, modules, and run books.  If you are using unsupported versions of the adapters, install supported versions.

Enhancements in 8.0.00

This section describes the enhancements made to the existing features.

Support for BMC Remedy Single Sign-On version 9.1.03 and 9.1.03 Patch 1

 Platform now supports BMC Remedy Single Sign-On version 9.1.03 and

With this release, you can select the BMC Remedy Single Sign-On (RSSO) version while installing or upgrading the Platform. This release supports both external RSSO and embedded RSSO.  

If you have already installed external Remedy SSO version 9.1.03, on the Authentication panel for the installer, for the Remedy SSO Versionselect 9.1.03.x and continue with the installation.

The following figure displays the Remedy SSO Version field on the installer while installing the repository:


If you have installed any of the platform components with an embedded RSSO (except AP and OCP), do not select the External Remedy SSO option while upgrading. The upgrade might be successful, however the authentication system may not work successfully.

You can select the BMC Remedy SSO version for the following platform components:

  • Repository
  • Configuration Distribution Peer (CDP)
  • High Availability CDP
  • Activity Peer (AP)
  • Standalone Operator Control Panel (OCP)

For more information about installing, see Installing. For more information about upgrading, see Upgrading

Infrastructure updates

The following infrastructure updates are made to the  Platform version 8.0.00:

  •  server is now supported on Microsoft Windows 2016 operating system (Development Studio not supported)
  • Support for Microsoft Edge Web Browser for  server 
  • Tomcat application server version is upgraded to 8.0.47
  • Java version is upgraded from 1.8.0_66 to 1.8.0_144

    Platform 8.0.00 uses Java 8. Clients running on Java 7 may face issues with communication handshake due to incompatibilities between Java 7 and Java 8 versions. BMC recommends that you update Java version for clients to Java 8.

For more information about system requirements, see System requirements.

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