Upgrading from BAO 7.6.03 versions to 7.9.01 with RSSO

The upgrade methods are similar to the methods for installing a new product. You run the installation program from a graphical user interface (GUI) or from a command line. This section provides an overview of the upgrade process and the procedures for performing platform upgrades with the GUI and command-line options.

Before upgrading

Before upgrading, review the following information.

  • When you upgrade from 7.6.03 to 7.9.x, the Access Manager component is replaced by Remedy Single Sign-On. A migration utility/tool is provided, which exports all authentication data from Access Manager and then allows you to import the data in Grid Manager. 
     You must run the migration tool before you start with the upgrade. For more information, see Migrating authentication and authorization data from Access Manager
  • Complete the steps in Before upgrading.
  • If your BMC Atrium Orchestrator environment will use HTTPS, ensure that your environment supports TLS secure transport protocol before upgrading to BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform.
  • See Preparing for upgrades from 7.6.03 for upgrade requirements and worksheets.

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