Performing the installation

You can use the graphical user interface (GUI) installation to install BMC Atrium Orchestrator server, BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio, and content components. This wizard-like interface enables you to provide configuration settings as you traverse a series of panels. At the end of the installation process, a completion panel enables you to access the installation log file.

Before you start the GUI installation process, use the installation worksheets to help you gather the required input information.

After you install the repository, you can begin installing content, which includes modules, adapters, and run books.


This section includes the following topics:

Installation programs

The following table lists the installation program names to install the components. When following instructions to install a component, use these programs.


If you are installing a component on Windows, ensure that you run setup.cmd and not setup.jar

You should not launch the installer from the product ZIP file (Downloading the installation files). If the ZIP file is not extracted, first extract the files and then run setup.cmd to launch the installer.

ComponentInstallation program name
  • CDP
  • AP
  • LAP
  • HA-CDP
  • OCP
  • Repository
  • Dashboard
  • Windows: setup.cmd
  • Linux: 
  • Solaris:
Development Studio

Only for installation on Windows.

Windows: setup.cmd

  • Windows: setup.cmd
  • Linux and Solaris: