Managing content in the repository

BMC Atrium Orchestrator content refers to the modules and adapters that you add to grids and then activate and configure. The modules execute workflows and processes, and the adapters establish connections and facilitate communications.

To manage and maintain the content in your production repository or between production and development repositories, you use Repository Manager. The active repository is the repository that is associated with the active grid in Grid Manager. Repository Manager is a web-based application that enables you to perform the following administrative tasks on the content in the active repository:

The centrally located repository stores information about modules and adapters. This information is available to the grid.
You can import modules into BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio from the repository and revise or reconfigure them. Then, as you export them back to the repository, they are assigned versions. In Grid Manager, you can access any of the saved versions and activate them on the grid.

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