Log files

Log files contain configuration settings, grid, process, and installation information, which makes them valuable tools for troubleshooting problems. This section describes the types of log files generated by the installation programs and components and how you can gather and send these files to BMC Customer Support or use them yourself to diagnose problems.

In this page, AO_HOME represents the BMC Atrium Orchestrator installation directory.

Log file names and locations





See Installation log file names and locations

Platform installer log


See Installation log file names and locations 

Remedy Single Sign-On installer log

This file is stored in a zip file with a name similar to log_<numbers>.zip.


See Installation log file names and locations 

BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio installer log


See Installation log file names and locations 

Content installer log 

When you use the content installation program to install a predefined workflow for a BMC solution, the log files are created in <installationFolder>\import-logs.



BMC Atrium Orchestrator creates the grid.log file shortly after the peer is started for the first time. If a peer is running for five minutes and this file does not appear, then there is probably something wrong with the default logging, or there has been a change to the logging configuration.
If you report an issue, it is useful to have an excerpt of this log, starting from the point that the process started and ending at the point that the failure occurred.



Logging information generated by BMC Atrium Orchestrator workflows

catalina.log or catalina.out


Log messages on actions by the container, actions on startup and shutdown, and any actions taken to load a web application


AO_HOME/tomcat/logs for embedded Remedy SSO

RSSO_HOME/tomcat/logs for external Remedy SSO

Logging information for Remedy Single Sign-On



Logging information for the repository



Logging information for BMC Atrium Orchestrator Operator Control Panel, including connectivity and user interface errors

dashboard.logAO_HOME/DB/tomcat/logsLogging information for the dashboards

Installation logs

If the installation is successful, BMC Atrium Orchestrator copies installer logs to the AO_HOME directory. However, if the installation is not successful, the installation log file stays in the temporary directory. For more information, see Installation log files.

Installation log locations

The following table lists the locations of the installation files by operating system.


Default installation log location

Red Hat Linux


Oracle Solaris



Usually in C:\DOCUME~1\<userName>\LOCALS~1\Temp

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