Configuring BMC Atrium Orchestrator for high-availability

Before configuring BMC Atrium Orchestrator for high-availability (HA), review the instructions for setting up your authentication system for high-availabilty.


To set up high availability using your authentication service, refer to the instructions for the authentication service used in your environment.

To accommodate HA requirements, configure the repository server to use an external clustered database and configure a high-availability configuration distribution peer (HA-CDP).

Configuring the repository for HA requires that you complete the following tasks in the listed order:

  1. Install a BMC external authentication service (optional – needed if you do not use the embedded authentication service). For more information, see Installing an authentication service.
  2. Install a single instance of the repository.
  3. Configure the repository to use an external database, which manages the clustering functions.
  4. Install the primary CDP.
  5. Install the HA-CDP.
  6. Install content (modules and adapters).
  7. Add the adapters to the grids (CDP and HA-CDP).
  8. Configure the adapters.
  9. Enable the adapters on the CDP and HA-CDP.
  10. Activate the modules on the CDP and HA-CDP.