Configuring a secondary repository

The BMC Communities video series on this page demonstrates how to set up a secondary BMC Atrium Orchestrator repository node and how to switch between repositories. 

This video series describes an environment using Atrium Single Sign-On, however, the information about setting up the secondary repository is similar in environments using Remedy Single Sign-On.


BMC Atrium Single Sign-On is not supported for use with BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform 7.9.01 and later versions.


Ensure that you only have one active repository instance running at all times with the other repository stopped (in cold standby) to avoid database access conflicts.  

The videos demonstrate a manual fail-over approach, not a true HA setup (due to restrictions at the database level).

The first video (6:38) in the series demonstrates how to install a secondary repository and begin to configure it.

The second video (6:29) demonstrates how to complete the secondary repository configuration and how to switch between repositories.